260519 Military Press

Military press

Cliff is doing a quick specific exercise warm up with this military press prior to moving up in weight. He has already used the skip rope for his overall body warm up. He generally does a minimum of forty repetitions for each exercise, not counting the warm ups.

In this particular case, we combined it with pull downs after each set of military presses.

This moves the training session along a big faster and keeps his heart rate up a bit higher than normal.

This is how he does the military press:

  1. Lift the bar off the floor to your shoulders or stand upright under it in a power rack
  2. Hold the bar with a closed overhand grip, a bit wider than shoulder-width
  3. Press it up and over the top of your head until both arms are fully extended
  4. Lower it back down under control and repeat for one repetition
  5. Keep a good grip on the bar until it is securely racked again or placed back on the floor

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