Image 510 home gym

Home gym Image 510
Here it is, in all of its glory hiding in front of a bunch of junk in the spare room. Notice that it is still located where it can be used…now by the grandkids.

Here is the exercise chart that came with the gym. It covers all of the major muscle groups.

The Image 510 home gym

We bought this years ago and have used it periodically since then. I find it most useful after a surgery when it is hard to get out to the weightroom. According a quick Google search, here

They are still available but they seem to be on the expensive side.

Right now, it resides in one of our sort of unused rooms. I say sort of, because the graandkids play in the room when the weather is not fit for them to be outdoors.

I realize the exercise photo chart is rather unclear but then I am not a professional photographer either. However, the video explains the functions of this compact machine.

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