230619 The leg press

230619 The leg press

Here Cliff is doing a quick, and I mean quick, set of leg presses. We keep the speed up on these in order to develop the power necessary to condition his legs and perhaps help him prevent a fall. However, in order to do these safely, please follow these exercise form suggestions.

  1. Adjust the backrest to suit your body, and put your feet in the most comfortable position on the footrest.
  2. Make sure that you keep your lower back pushed against the backrest and do not allow it to round off during the exercise.
  3. Push up on the foot rest and reach over and release the safety catches on the machine.
  4. Lower the weight down as far as you feel comfortable doing and then push back up.
  5. When you push back up make certain that your knees do not start coming together, this is dangerous to the anterior cruciate ligament of your knees.

Sometimes we do as many as 5 sets of 20 reps with a one minute break between sets to vary the program. Other times we do heavy weight and lower repetitions. The key take away it to vary your program so it doesn’t get stale on you.

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