100719 Introducing Glenn Cardwell

100719 Introducing Glenn Cardwell

I want to take a moment and introduce Glenn Cardwell, a highly respected RD from Australia. He is a no holds barred nutritionist with common sense advice that has influenced my eating habits for over 10 years.

Danny M. O’Dell


There is so much conflicting advice about nutrition and health. Glenn makes every effort to cut through the confusion to arm you with useful tips and simple explanations to help you feel more comfortable with your food decisions.

About Glenn

Glenn is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutrition Researcher with 37 years experience in clinical and public health nutrition. As a sports dietitian he worked with elite teams such as the West Coast Eagles (AFL), Perth Wildcats (NBL) and the Western Force (ARU). He advises the public, the fresh produce industry, and lectures to health professionals and university students. He is currently working closely with farmers to promote the nutrition and health benefits of mushrooms, cherries, bananas and asparagus. He has written four books, including Gold Medal Nutrition, published in the USA and translated into Russian and Mandarin!

In his early years, he worked at the Children’s Hospital in Sydney and the Heart Foundation in Perth. He helped establish the Western Australian School Canteen Association in 1994 and the world’s first professional sports nutrition body, Sports Dietitians Australia, in 1996.

Currently he is researching the influence of UV light on the vitamin D content in fresh and dried mushrooms, through Curtin University, Perth, and the National Measurement Institute, Melbourne.


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