Female Bodyweight Deep Squat

Bodyweight deep squat

Listen to the explanation of how to do this great overall body exercise.

You will rarely see a deep squat like this on any of the other media, mostly because the trainees don’t know what a full squat is or even what one looks like. They have all been been told that deep squats are bad for your knees.

BS on that.

The ones you see are not even low enough to sit on the toilet!

As you can see, Dawn is rather tall at 6′ 02″ and she is tightly packed with minimal body fat on her. She didn’t get this way riding on a bike or spending time on a machine.

She did it with hard work on free weights.

A brief explanation of the Bodyweight squats

Stand with your feet approximately shoulder width apart, arms at your side. If you lack the balance to do a squat in this manner, then hold your hands out to the front of your body or stand by a solid handhold to steady yourself.

Move your hips backward and your knees out to the side so they stay in line with your feet. The majority of your weight should be felt on the center, to the rear, of each foot. At the bottom position of the squat, try wiggling your toes. Hold onto something if your balance is poor. Being able to wiggle them indicates that you are into the correct position to squat.

As you start to squat, imagine sitting in a chair. Keep your back straight and your chest up. Drop all the way down and then come back up quickly—each rep with perfect form.

The reason for coming up quickly is this: if you start to fall, it is going to be your leg power, based on your leg strength as well as other muscles helping to prevent it from happening.

In your daily life practice getting up from a chair without using your hands on your legs for assistance, just use your leg muscles to get up.

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