260819 A Fat-Loss Program for Beginners 5 of 5

260819 A Fat-Loss Program for Beginners 5 of 5

By Nick Nilsson Author of Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss


When I refer to supplements here, I’m NOT talking about fat-loss pills. These pills are not the answer for losing fat. Your own natural metabolism IS and it’s WAY more powerful than any pill.

When I refer to supplements, I’m talking about supplements that help SUPPORT your body nutritionally, not send it into a hyper-alert state that fries your nervous system.

When training to lose fat, here are the supplements I highly recommend:

•           Protein Powder – to help with rebuilding and repairing muscle tissue and keeping the immune system functioning well (learn about protein and fat loss here)

•           Glutamine – helps speed recovery and boost the immune system

•           Multivitamins – to help you cover all your nutritional bases

•           Vitamin C – helps repair joints, is a strong antioxidant and boosts the immune system

•           Calcium/Magnesium – for your bones and also for muscle contractions…it’s hard to get enough of these nutrients when reducing caloric intake

These are the basics, as far as I’m concerned. It’s critical to give your body ample nutritional support when trying to lose fat.


These 5 simple steps should get you started on your way to losing the extra fat. Here are they are in review:

Step 1 – improve the quality of the food you eat

Step 2 – eat less food

Step 3 – start weight training

Step 4 – include some cardio training

Step 5 – use supplements to support your body

Go through the list step-by-step and you will on your way to fat-loss success.

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