091019 Warning signs of a stroke

091019 Warning signs of a stroke

Warning signs often precede a stroke and if these signs are recognized soon enough serious damage may be avoided. Quick reactions to the signs may even help to prevent or reduce the strokes damage.

  • Any sudden weakness or numbness in the arm, face, or leg that may last a few seconds or even minutes.
  • A sudden momentary dimness or loss of vision principally in one eye.
  • Double vision that comes on suddenly and is only temporary.
  • Impaired speech or loss of speech that is temporary because of difficulty in moving the tongue or jaw.
  • Dizziness or unsteadiness of the temporary nature.
  • Headaches or a change in headache patterns that are unexpected.

Reference: Dr. Edward Cooper, University of Pennsylvania, professor of medicine, chairman of the stroke Council the American Heart Association.

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