111019 Strength training for the ActivelyFitSeniors

111019 Strength training for the ActivelyFitSeniors

Resistance training is known to be highly beneficial and it is recommended activity.

Before you begin discuss your plans with your health care professional, there may be certain exercises that could cause damage to your joints especially your back. Once this topic has been thoroughly explored and you get the go-ahead, then it is time to begin your training regimen.

Start with a good overall body warm up consisting of rope skipping, bike riding, treadmill or some other cardio exercise. After you have your temperature, pulse and muscles warmed up then move into a more torso area directed warm up followed by the exercise preliminary warm up. These are the lighter weight warm-ups that you will use before beginning your workout sets with heavier weight on the bar. Focus a few more sets and reps on those areas of your body that are more susceptible to injury.

As for the exercise plan, do your large muscle groups with three to five sets of eight to twelve repetitions. Rest one to three minutes between each set and then rest four to five minutes between the muscle groups.

You will want to do shoulders, upper back, chest, arms, midsection, lower back, quads, hamstrings, and calves. These can be split upper or lower if you decide to lift five days a week. Do lower there times in one week and upper twice then switch the next week.

If you choose to lift three times a week, limit your time in the gym to around 55-65 minutes total time.

Free weights will make you stronger and more coordinated while at the same time helping you maintain your full range of motion.

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