301020 Darla, Chair Push Ups

301020 Chair push ups

This is an exercise you can do anywhere, at any time up against a counter top, couch arm…use your imagination. You don’t always have to spend money at a gym to exercise.

If your shoulders bother you, then work on your range of motion.

The safety point to remember in this exercise is making certain the chair is solid up against the wall so it will not move backward while you are pushing on it.

  1. Start with the chair up pushed back to the wall. In this case, Darla is in the Ballet room with the nonskid flooring.
  2. Begin with your feet shoulder width apart
  3. Stand facing the chair with your torso held straight and both hands leaning into the chair in an incline position
  4. Keep your entire body straight, do not let it sag inward or raise the back up
  5. Let your body move down toward the chair in this solid straight position.
  6. Once your face or chest is about two inches from the seat bottom push with your arms and come back to the full starting position
  7. This is one repetition

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