061119 Childhood obesity-is physical activity an answer to the problem?

061119 Childhood obesity-is physical activity an answer to the problem?

A grandparent’s guide to helping their grandchild overcome obesity. Adding muscle

Include some resistance training in the mix as muscle burns calories faster than fat tissue.

These must be fun or you will lose their interest and then it’s back to the couch. Not only will it make their muscles stronger it will build their confidence up and give them a sense of accomplishing something they’ve never done consistently in the past.

Build the program on their strong points-don’t just hammer away on the negatives, they’ve been hearing that a long time now and don’t need it from you on what should be a fun day. Try a game of touch football, or softball even Frisbee. Give them a chance to throw a heavy ball back and forth or balance on a large stability ball. Find something they are good at and help make them better at it.

Go to the local water park and let them swim or paddle around, show them how to jump in the air or run in place in the water. Get them to move their hands through the water using is as the resistance see how many times they can make a complete circle with their arms through the water and back again.

Set down and plan out a fun day with your grandchild, get some ideas from them as to what they would like to do-just make sure it’s not a setting activity.

Use or lose it holds true in childhood just as it does later on in life and we can’t afford to continue to lose it at these early ages.

Get your grandchild moving.

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