181219 Senior fitness books

Since I have been training others for a long time now, I thought it only proper that this book should be accessible to other ActivelyFitSeniors. While there are others on the Amazon site, this one is particulary suited to our generation as it deals specifically with improving your strength.

The others are available on Amazon. If you don’t already have a Kindle or other electronic reader, now may be the time to look into getting one.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to have your own reader then Kindle also has a free download for your computer that allows you to buy the books and then read it on the big screen monitor that came with your computer.

You can get this free Kindle app here https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/fd/kcp

It is available on iOS, Android, Mac&PC. I have my phone synced so that whenever I buy a book on Kindle it automatically shows up on my smartphone. I get most of my books from BookBub.com

This is darned handy when going to town with my wife. While she shops, I read. It’s also good while sitting in a waiting room… you know what I mean don’t you.

This newly revised edition has many exercise photos to make it easier to use and follow.

This is for those who are entering their sixties, seventies, eighties, and beyond, who desire to get into better physical condition or who want to maintain their current active lifestyle.

After a thorough consultation with your health care provider, the information in this book, if applied and then used consistently, will guide you along the path to a healthier you.

Slowing down muscle loss due to aging

The aging process isn’t kind to our lean muscle mass. The fact is most adults begin to lose muscle at a rate of approximately one to two percent a year after reaching that magic age of fifty. This muscle loss gains speed, particularly in the arms and in the legs of our lower body if not addressed early on in the process.

A great deal of research backs up the benefits to older adults of a regular resistance-training schedule. Not only can you get stronger at an older age but there are also many health related benefits in doing so. The benefits begin to accrue from the first day you start and continue upward as you progress in your program.

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