160220 Barbell curl GIF

1602220 Barbell curl

The barbell and dumbbell curl exercise, if done correctly, improves the strength and power of the arms and handgrip while at the same time increasing upper body muscle mass.

Beginning position of the barbell curl

  • Hold the bar with a closed, underhand, grip palms facing upward
  • The grip should be shoulder-width with the little finger just touching the outer thigh
  • Stand upright with the feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent slightly
  • Start with the bar resting on the front part of your thighs and with your arms straight
  • Keep your elbows pressed firmly against the sides of your body and perpendicular to the floor

Upward movement

  • Bend the elbows until the bar is close to your shoulders
  • Stay in an upright position and keep the elbows pinned to your sides, do not move them during the exercise
  • Raise the bar until the forearms are vertical the floor
  • Don’t jerk or swing the bar as you lift it up

Downward movement

  • Let the elbows slowly straighten into the fully extended position back to the starting position
  • Keep your body in the same position throughout the movement

Do not bounce the bar on your thighs at the bottom

Repeat for the required number of repetitions in your set

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