200520 Strength training for the 60 plus By Daniel Pare Part 2

200520 Strength training for the 60 plus by Daniel Pare

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about strength training for the 60 plus years of age. First of all it is never too late to get started.  Some of us have been working out for years/decades and some of us are just getting started.  This article is addressed to the ones getting started and will also be helpful  and beneficial for the ones already working out.    

Why strength training? Before I go into why you should be getting involved in a strength training program I need to explain to you what strength training really is. First and foremost the main focus is not to experience too much muscular soreness and I am sure that the majority of you would agree with that. The less muscular soreness the most likely you are to keep working out.  The objective is to improve mobility, flexibility and strength.  In order to improve on that one thing will need to be addressed. 

You should have a water bottle with you while walking and drink water (just water). I also suggest you get yourself a water bottle holder (usually goes to your waist/belt). 

Walking and holding a water bottle is not the same thing. When you walk you must be able to balance your arms.  If you are holding a water bottle on one hand, guess what, that is added weight followed with a long lever (straight arm) and first thing you know you are out of balance and we all know what can happen! So when you want to drink you stop-sip-and go.  

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