080720 New phone

Just to begin with, I am not bragging about the fact that I now have a new phone. But I do want to say that if I had held off for five more minutes and done just three more minutes of research I would still be using my old phone, which I got pretty comfortable with.

070720 Enough with the Happy Talk, OK? Beyond the Curve: Dr. Peter Lurie’s COVID-19 Blog

To hear the administration’s recent pronouncements, you’d think it was all going swimmingly. Vice President Mike Pence took to the always welcoming opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal last week to declare that “we are winning the fight against the invisible enemy.” On Friday, he maintained that states are reopening “safely and responsibly,” though at an event in Dallas on Sunday even he had to retreat from the he-man posture by donning a mask. Not to be outdone, the President proclaimed in an interview last Wednesday that the virus is “dying out.”