210820 Bicycle safety

Exercise and Physical Activity Tips from the National Institute on Aging at NIH
From, for the most part, the National Institute on Aging

Looking for a fun way to exercise? Riding a bicycle is a great choice, if you have the balance to do so that is…

Always carry your identification with you as well as your cell phone, if you have one, just to be on the safe side.

Follow these safety tips when you’re out and about on your bike:

• Always wear a helmet that fits correctly.
• Wear bright clothing so that motorists can see you in low visibility conditions.
• Make sure the brakes are working properly, and the tires are inflated to the correct pressure.
• Ride your bicycle in the same direction as traffic, not against it.
• Stop at all intersections before crossing the street.
• Signal when you make turns.
• Be careful near parked vehicles because someone might suddenly open their door.
• Stay safe on your bicycle!

Take a look at this common sense video for a visual of the Bicycle Safety Tips:

From me, Danny O’Dell: This video in 94 seconds long and the information contained in it so simplistic that it’s hard to believe anyone in their right mind would not already be doing the things suggested. Nonetheless, all you have to do is take a short drive and see the stupidity of some people on their bike. Don’t contribute that gene pool. Be aware of your surroundings, be safe on your bike and enjoy the ride.

For more information about biking safely, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


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