220820 Moving the garbage can to the road for pickup

220820 Moving the garbage can to the road for pickup

If you live in the country, as my family does, every week the garbage truck comes by to pick up the trash. With five of us contributing to the garbage can, it doesn’t take long to get it filled up. Totally crammed to the top, overflowing, and then more, filled up, Bungy corded, top secured, heavy, and needing to be moved to the road.

After dragging this over to our Blazer or the S10 pickup and then sometimes struggling to get it up and into one of the trucks I decided to build something to ease the way of moving the can to the road.

The outfit I made fits into the 2” trailer hitch receiver and can be towed over 20 MPH out the driveway. If you go this fast, be certain to secure the lid because sometimes at this speed it tips over. Experience is the best teacher! At least the top was secured by the bungy cord and nothing came out.

Here are a few photos of this easy to make, helpful device. Since I already had the scrap pieces of iron around and the idea for what I wanted it to do, it was a relatively easy cut and weld it up. The first time I put it on the Blazer I found out that the round tubing needed to be cut down about an inch so it would go on easier.

After that it was finished and has done its job for over three years now toting the can through the spring water puddles and the winter snow storms.

The hitch receiver

The device slid into the receiver.

The top showing the place where the garbage can handle fits as it is being towed.

The side view.

The top again from almost directly over it.

As you can see the handle of the can will fit between the two round upright pieces of round tubing. From there is settles onto the angle iron and is then held in place by the curved part attached to the angle iron.

In order for this to fit, the handle of the can needs to be set in on one side and then angled just a little for it to be firmly secured to the holder and ready to go. This is actually easier if the can is filled up.

Here is a short video of me hooking it up. It was empty so it took a few seconds longer to get it fastened onto the holder, but as you can see it went on.


And here it is, in all of its glory, heading up the bumpy, gravel driveway

And here it is, in all of its glory, heading up the bumpy, gravel driveway.

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