020920 Strengthening your body provides positive and specific health benefits (2 of 2)

020920 Strengthening your body provides positive and specific health benefits (2 of 2)

Resistance training is well suited to altering the ratio of fat to lean muscle in your body.

Resistance exercise, on the other hand, helps increase your lean muscle mass. This is important because muscle tissue is much more active than fat tissue. Muscle is constantly twitching and moving. This movement burns calories for hours after the exercise is finished.

Not only will increased lean muscle burn more calories it also contributes to keeping your back from being injured. How many times have you heard about or seen someone with a big gut hanging complaining about their back hurting. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that having an extra twenty to thirty pounds of fat sticking out in front will put a tremendous strain on the abs and low back muscles.

Those who exercise regularly generally develop stronger abdominal and low back muscles and thereby decrease their low back pain. It takes some time to lose the load out front but the effort is well worth it in the end.

Even if your back isn’t giving you problems now, strengthening it will certainly help protect it and potentially stave off any future issues. A strong back allows you to live life easier because the constant pain is not present.

Developing stronger muscles simply makes life easier. Carrying the groceries, pushing the lawn mower, or simply taking a walk in the woods is more enjoyable if you aren’t laboring every step of the way.

Find a qualified experienced trainer and get started on making your life better through improved health.

Set aside some time every day and do something positive for yourself, it’s like putting money in the bank for a rainy day. It will pay off.

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