060920 Goblet squats

060920 Goblet squats

This exercise involves the large muscles in the body. That is precisely why it is such a valuable exercise.

Begin the goblet squats by holding onto one end of the dumbbell with both hands as if holding onto a goblet. Keep it pressed tightly against your chest. Doing so makes it easier to maintain a good lower back position.

The exercise path, as the dumbbell travels up and down, traces a relatively perpendicular line to the ground. Your buttocks, on the other hand, will be moving backwards as the dumbbell goes down. Imagine yourself setting in a chair. You first move the buttocks backward to the chair as you sit back into the chair.

Do not begin the movement by first bending your knees. By doing so, you place yourself in an anatomically precarious position because your knees will end up in front of your toes, a dangerous practice to get into when squatting.

The knees should travel over the foot and not stray from side to side either way. They should be tracking over the second toe on the foot and not going past the tip of the foot, in either the squat or the lunge.

Ideally, your lower and upper leg should be forming a 90 degree angle at the knee joint at the bottom of the exercise. When the top of your thigh is below the top of your knee cap, and below, then you are looking good for your squat.

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