160920 Exercising for weight loss by Daniel Pare part 1 of 3

160920 Exercising for weight loss by Daniel Pare part 1 of 3

Why is a strength and conditioning coach who trains athletes, for all kinds of sports, writing about weight loss? Several people have asked me these questions over the years and some still do. I simply answer every time “got to get strong”.

You are going to ask me why one needs to get strong in order to lose weight? That is why I am writing this article. I will go in details. Not only with what I believe is right, but also and, most importantly, the science behind it! What do I mean by the science behind my statement after all, you will say, you are not a scientist! My answer to you would be “keep reading”.

In order for a guy like me to write an article on a subject like strength and conditioning, and particularly weight loss, I would have to have experience about the subject. The answer is “I do”.  For decades I have helped people lose weight. I will be honest. My approach has changed over those years. It has changed in a sense that it has gotten better and particularly more/better informed.

The information I have learned/acquired is not from reading magazines, books… no, I have acquired my knowledge by using what I know. I have acquired my knowledge by running case studies with real people at my gym. Those studies were/are precisely for the objective of weight loss. I monitored a lot including body weight (since I do not have a scale at my gym, they weighed themselves in the comfort of their home). Before and after measurements and resting heart rate just to name a few. I also observed, over the years, people running on the streets and at the track, and working out in gyms. Watching their running technique, what one does in the gym and why they are doing an exercise the way they are doing it… Most of them have chosen running to achieve weight loss! My question has always been WHY running?

The first thing one will do when he/she wants to lose weight (male or female) is most likely to start running. Regardless of their physical capabilities they will start running. Running excessively much and way too long (distance) then, for the next few days (or maybe a week), one cannot walk because he or she is just too sore, aching, in pain… That is non-sense. On top of that, running is just not a good idea, if you are overweight. Here are sixpoints to take into considerations:

  1. -You set a totally unrealistic objective for yourself. 
  2. -It is just much too hard on your body/joints.
  3. -Most do not know how to run. Most are bouncing. You should be “gliding”.
  4. Most do not eat enough of the good stuff/good food to make this happen and the first thing you know, you get heavier.
  5. -You are scared of weights, so you are going to start running. 
  6. -Some people would greatly benefit from arch supports (just because the ankles are collapsing at each and every landing). When your arches collapse at every landing your knees take a beating.  Remember only one thing: when you start feeling discomfort/joint paint, the damage/harm has been done to that joint.

In order to be not somewhat successful, but successful at weight loss is to get stronger. If your mind is set on running then, keep going. I strongly suggest that you get stronger for running and running will not get you stronger, strength training – not bodybuilding – will get you stronger.

Daniel Pare, strength and conditioning coach, St. Thomas,

519-633-0771, fax 519-637-1210,

email stsa1258@aol.com

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