281020 How to Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion? By Brad Walker

Are you suffering from tight hamstrings, stiff hips, or an aching back? Finding it a little hard to put your socks on, or get out of the car? It’s time to loosen up. Flexibility and mobility are two especially important aspects of fitness. They help you move and exercise better, prevent injuries, and reduce muscle and joint pain.

281020 Making Life Choices for Seniors During the Pandemic

Are you feeling less confident about making decisions for your senior loved one since the start of the coronavirus pandemic? If so, you are not alone. The AARP reported as far back as the beginning of April the rising concerns and anxieties swirling around nursing homes and assisted living. The virus is more dangerous to seniors, and that can make even seemingly little things, like doctor’s appointments, concerning events.

211020 Isha balance on the stability pad

Here is Isha, practicing on a large stability pad. She steps up, holds for a moment, and then repeats this dynamic balance exercise. By doing dynamic balance exercises you are attempting to replicate situations encountered in daily living activities. However, before doing many of these types of exercises start out with the less aggressive ones … Continue reading 211020 Isha balance on the stability pad

180920 Assisted pushups

If you are unable to do a standard push up, try it this way. Get a medium sized beach ball; put it under your chest. Drop down and do a modified bounce on the ball. This will give you enough of a head start to finish the exercise. Once these are easy then move into the regular push ups.

111020 Wall push ups

Wall push ups Stand facing and about four feet from the wall Begin with your feet shoulder width apart facing the wall Lean into the wall and place your hands on the wall slightly above your chest Keep your entire body straight, do not let it sag inward or raise up Let your body move … Continue reading 111020 Wall push ups

071020 Controlled environment by Daniel Pare

071020 Controlled environment by Daniel Pare, N.C.C.P., C.S.O.St. Thomas Ontario Canada519-633-0771 Hi everyone and welcome back. This time I have decided to make it about what the environment in a gym should be. I know for a fact that a lot of people do not go to gyms or simply will not go, and this … Continue reading 071020 Controlled environment by Daniel Pare