311020 Dynamic upper body warmup

This is a short video on a dynamic upper body warmup. Obviously, if you have shoulder issues you may want to consult with your doctor first. Ideally, once you’re warmed up, you can put some speed into these, just don’t yourself up doing them.

Upper body warm up with full range of motion arm swings.

  • Do a windmill motion clockwise and then counterclockwise for ten to fifteen each direction.
  • Now hold your arms straight out to the front and swing them upwards back of your head and then back down and back at the hips.
  • Next with chest height arm crossovers. Be careful of adding too much speed to these if you have existing shoulder problems because the momentum caused by your outstretched arms swinging across your body can irritate them.
  • And with rapid motions straight out if you are getting ready to do bench presses, barbell or dumbbell rows, or straight up overhead if you are getting ready to do military presses or pull downs.

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