301120 New understanding of how immune systems differ by sex and change with age

It’s no secret that our immune system function declines as we age, which can make older adults more susceptible to a variety of viral and bacterial pathogens including COVID-19. But the role of sex in immune system aging is not well understood. An NIA-supported study took a closer look at how the timing and degree of aging-related changes in the immune system varies among men and women and identified how particular immunity characteristics diverge as we grow older.

291120 The prayer stretch

The prayer stretch is a very comfortable move and one that gives a good stretch in the lower back and upper torso. Go easy on these and just enjoy the relaxed feeling they provide. Here are a few from the floor to the bench. None of these stretches are fast moves. Just gradually settle into them and feel the stretch on your shoulders and upper back.

221120 Dumbbell floor press

This is an excellent exercise, especially if you are lifting by yourself. The reason being, if you cannot get the weight up then gently lower it back to the floor and down by your side without having to let it collapse on top of you. Of course, it is a different matter completely if you are using a barbell. You must have a spotter for obvious safety reasons. Furthermore, it is generally better to have a spotter anytime you are lifting anything over your head.

151120 The dynamic warmup sequence-Video

141120 The dynamic warm up sequence-Video https://videopress.com/v/E3MudPFJ?preloadContent=metadata Or go here to see it on Vimeo (if it does not run as is): https://vimeo.com/472309056 Dynamic warmups prepare the body in a manner that is conducive to preventing injury. Functional movements that mimic the actual playing conditions of power output in the gym, on the field or … Continue reading 151120 The dynamic warmup sequence-Video

131120 Get stronger and more physically fit with the basics of exercise and nutrition

The old-time strength athletes didn’t have all the gizmos, scientific research, or supplements of our time. What they did have was a powerful and undying work ethic, the desire to become the strongest possible, and the perseverance to never give up.