151120 The dynamic warmup sequence-Video

141120 The dynamic warm up sequence-Video

Or go here to see it on Vimeo (if it does not run as is): https://vimeo.com/472309056

Dynamic warmups prepare the body in a manner that is conducive to preventing injury. Functional movements that mimic the actual playing conditions of power output in the gym, on the field or the court are replicated in this type of warm up. Preparing the neuromuscular system for explosive action (power output to help prevent falls) is the key to a successful and productive warm up. Static stretching relaxes the body and the joints by confusing the nervous system into a reduced state of readiness to produce power.

A general dynamic warmup involves gross limb movements that place an emphasis on coordination of the limbs of the upper and lower body in conjunction with the torso. This is followed by a specific warmup that entails movements that are particular to the sport such as light bench presses, squats or dead lifts in power lifting. Dribbling the ball in soccer or basketball, bowling, racket sports, softball, tennis or shooting at the goal with lower intensity than in actual playing conditions helps to groove the patterns as it warms up the body for action.

It can be safely said that the larger the useful range of motion, the more strength and power available due to the longer force time curve. This larger range of motion creates a greater capacity for the pre-stretch of the relevant muscles involved in the motion, Once this takes place more force and increased velocity are immediately available for use. (1)

Dynamic warmup exercises (2) do those marked with the star * only with your doctors approval due to artificial joints, damage to the joints or other medical reasons.

Examples are listed but not explained, as most are common knowledge and common sense.

Skip rope front and back swing*

Jog forward, sideways and backward*

Arm swings*

Lunges front back and side*


Large hip swings*

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