221120 Dumbbell floor press

211120 Dumbbell floor press

The dumbbell floor press

This is an excellent exercise, especially if you are lifting by yourself. The reason being, if you cannot get the weight up then gently lower it back to the floor and down by your side without having to let it collapse on top of you. Of course, it is a different matter completely if you are using a barbell. You must have a spotter for obvious safety reasons. Furthermore, it is generally better to have a spotter anytime you are lifting anything over your head.

Start out on your back, on the floor, looking at the ceiling.

  • Beginning on the floor start with the dumbbells resting on the upper thighs. As you lay back on the floor, pull the dumbbells into your stomach. This supports them until you are secure, stable, and ready to lift.
  • When ready to bench either keep your elbows close to your sides or flare your elbows out to about a 45-degree angle and then press the weight straight up over the high point of your chest.
  • Lower your elbows back down to the floor, to your side in a controlled manner. Do not bounce the floor with your elbows while doing the floor presses.

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