111220 Starting out with a sensible training program

Starting out with a sensible training program

A sensible training program not only includes resistance exercise but also aerobic endurance, balance, fall prevention, and flexibility components as well. However, sometimes these programs must be modified to meet the physical needs of the person. Each of us is unique with the physical limitations we are dealing with as we age.

Arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetics, cancer, osteopenia, osteoporosis, back pain, obesity, and overall frailty for those who are advanced in years must be taken into consideration when planning a fitness program.

It is a well-known fact that aerobic and anaerobic exercise brings a multitude of benefits to the fitness trainee. It has been said that there is not another age group that will benefit from exercise as much as those who are over fifty years of age.

The mainstream media has boasted of the myriad of health benefits that are associated with cardio exercise such as riding a bike, rowing, stair stepping and simply walking at a brisk pace. Working your cardiovascular system is great but do not forget to strength train too.

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