010121 Reality check to start out the year

Reality check By Daniel Pare

Good day to all and a Happy New Year as well.

I thought I would take a different approach as it pertains to your health by explaining to you that whether you like it or not, your vehicle/car will always likely get most of your undivided attention. As long as I can remember, I have always compared me/us to a car. Yes, that is correct and, as you keep reading, you will find out why I am not that far off.

I have been working out for years, decades and I have always looked at ways to better myself by utilizing new ways to workout. So, with time, I created several training concepts. This article is not about those, it is about my observations over the years of how people deal or, if you wish, take care of themselves.

We take good care of our cars. It needs fuel we go to the gas station and fill up. If something does not sound right, we go to the garage and get it looked after. The bottom line is your car is taken care of.

Now, what if you were to take care of yourself the way you take care of your own car! When you need to eat, then you eat. And if you are not feeling good, then you go see your doctor. Bottom line, how would it feel, if, one day, you actually decided that from now on you are going to treat yourself the way you treat your car, with respect!

When you go to the gas station you know what your car needs, and you fill up. You also make sure that your car is in tip top operating condition. My question is to you why is it that the condition of your own car tops your own? Why is it that your car will get your undivided attention?

What if you fill up with diesel instead of gasoline or vice versa? After all, you could save money or drive longer on a full tank!  Your answer would be “Absolutely not, this will kill the engine” and that you already know, but you will eat whatever is not nailed to the floor!   

We are creatures of habits.

-Some of us get up and go to work right away barely enough time to put clothes on while others will get up and have a sit-down breakfast at home.  

-Some of us may squeeze in one meal a day with one or maybe two snacks while others will take the time to prepare foods/meals to take to work.

-Some of us go to the grocery store and buy whatever and say to themselves “let’s try this today”. We love great tasting food. Mind you that I did not say “good food” I said, “great tasting foods”, when others spend the time looking for healthier food choices. 

-Some of us will never try to improve their health and fitness while others will join a gym or train at home regularly.

-And I could continue but I am sure you get the point! 

What you eat is what will keep you going, because your body has “no choice” but using what you give it to eat. The only difference is that your car will break down right away while your body will break down later!

So, my question is why is it that when it comes to take care of our health we are confused? We have all been hammered with the need to eat good foods and drink plenty of water, but we just do not, or we will do it later!

Let’s also take a break for a minute and think about the following scenario.

You just purchased a car, and you just drove it home. Now you are going to park it, put it on blocks and live it there for, let’s say, 1 year. One year later, you come back to your car and you decide that you are going to go for a drive. The problem is, it will not start, then when you finally get it to start (likely had to buy a new battery), you realise that the brakes are literally shut, so you get the brakes looked after to your regular mechanic. Following this, your car needs a total and complete tune up. It is likely going to be a little pricy but hey, you need wheels! So, you get the work done and your car is back on the road like nothing had ever happen.

Now, if you think about what you just read and relate that to yourself. If you think about it that is exactly what a lot of us do. We just do not take care of ourselves and we expect that things are just going to work just fine! I’ve got news for you, they do not. You certainly can change parts of your cars, but you can‘t do the same to you.

This article was not and is not meant to be critical, it is merely meant to shed lights on what is really happening and that whatever we decide to eat and do to ourselves will sooner or later have an impact on our health. It is never too late to make changes!

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