300421 Plank progressions

Quite frequently the plank appears in the media as the go-to exercise for firming up your stomach and improving your core, the latter a much-overused term since nearly every exercise strengthens the core. In any case, let’s take a look at the advantages of doing the plank in your exercise sessions.

160421 The inner workings of the body’s core by Rachel Baker

When somebody has a strong core, they have much more than just a six-pack. The body’s core refers to the entire midsection of the body, the front, back and sides included. It is made up of complex muscles which stabilize us and allow us to transfer force between extremities to perform functional movement. This is why a healthy core is much more than just well-developed abdominals and deserves to be appreciated and cared for as a crucial component of overall physical health.

050421 Cycling Improves Parkinson’s

050421 Cycling Improves Parkinson's by Rickey Dale Crain Thanks to Rickey for letting me use this article. What do actor Michael J. Fox, evangelist Billy Graham, former US Attorney General Janet Reno and boxer Muhammad Ali have in common? Answer: Parkinson's disease, a chronic degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that kills off or … Continue reading 050421 Cycling Improves Parkinson’s