Recommended books for your consideration

There are many books available that will help you stay healthy and fit as you age. The hard part of this stage in our lives is actually getting up and “doing it”. By that I mean you can read a ton of books, but if you don’t apply what you’ve read then your mental and physcially abilities will not improve.

The same goes for waching the exercise programs on TV, YouTube or FaceBook. You gotta do something or you will be stuck just as you are right now…vegatating into decay.

To make this an informative section of Activelyfitseniors, over time, I will be making suggestions for you to consider reading or watching. I must add that I will also include books that I have written and published on Amazon and Smashwords that are delivered digitally.

In regards to the digital versions, I highly recommend getting a digital reader such as an Amazon Kindle, Nook E-reader, or some other one that I am not aware of at the time. I use a Kindle that I have had for over 20 years now and am greatly pleased with it.

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