110621 3 Options for Senior Care When You Need It

My thanks to Harry Cline for the following information.

3 Options for Senior Care When You Need It (Part 1 of 3)

As seniors, we all want to stay active and healthy throughout our lifetimes. However, there might come a day when that’s not fully possible without a little help. Before you find yourself in a position like this, it’s a smart idea to know your care options. The three that come to mind are assisted living, aging-in-place at home, and buying a new property to meet your needs.

Today’s ActivelyFitSeniors post takes a quick look at these three potential future scenarios. 

Assisted and Independent Living

There are many reasons that an active senior might choose assisted or independent living. Each has its benefits, and they are similar. That said, it’s important to understand the differences. Independent senior living communities are, according to the Arbor Company, more of a lifestyle preference. They typically offer seniors access to amenities that help them live autonomously with minor assistance. However, assisted living is a bit more intense. Seniors moving into assisted living might need more hands-on support, such as with activities of daily living (bathing, eating, etc.). Because of this, assisted living is typically more expensive.

Of the three options we’ll present here, moving into a senior community is typically the most expensive. The vast majority of seniors will need to sell their home and to afford the cost, which can range from $2,000 per month to several thousand, plus an entrance fee. If you plan to sell your house before moving, do your research. Redfin offers advice on the types of home projects that can help you get more so that you can afford a better quality of life.

By Harry Cline | info@newcaregiver.org 


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