020721 Water, the essence of life part 1 of 2

020721 Water, the essence of life part one of two

Keeping your body well hydrated throughout the day is the key to staying healthy. Water predominates and regulates basic cellular functions in all our organs. Some scientists estimate that it makes up 70% of the body. Are you getting enough water to keep yourself strong and healthy?

This critical ingredient to life helps to remove the left over waste products that result from living as it washes and flushes them away. Not only does it transport the waste away it brings in nutrients that make the cells grow.

Drinking enough water each day will increase your ability to digest the food you eat and perhaps even lower blood pressure. It helps to regulate your body’s temperature control mechanism regardless of whether the environment is hot or cold. Some believe that being well hydrated decreases stress and lessens the effects of depression for some people.

For those who are trying to lose weight, filling their stomachs with an adequate supply of water quenches their appetite while at the same time metabolizing the fat in the body.

Many people have also found they are less constipated and irritable if they have had the right amount of water during the day. If your urine looks like pale lemonade or nearly clear, then you are getting enough for that time.

However, if you are about to participate in a sporting activity then you need to add more fluids to your pre-meet contest to stay hydrated. Not only before but during the contest your body will require water or a sports drink to keep the electrolytes in the proper balance for optimum performance.

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