010821 Modified floor pushups

Modified floor pushups

If you were successful doing your pushups on the stair steps for your height, then follow the schedule here which now commences on the floor.

Begin by using your knees as the pivot point rather than your toes. Keep your back flat with neither a sag nor an upward arch. The farther up the stairs you are, the easier the pushups will be for you to do. These are similar to doing countertop pushups or wall pushups because not so much of your upper torso is parallel to the floor and therefore you are not moving the extra amount of weight.

  • Men-begin with the thumbs on the fourth or fifth step depending on your height at the same level as the top of the head and your feet on the floor below the step
  • Women begin with the thumbs on the third to fourth step even with the chin
  • In both cases the arms should be a bit wider than shoulder width apart
  • Lay straight out with the hands on the stair step, arms fully extended
  • Keep the body tight and do not sag or rise up as you do the exercise
  • Lower your body to the step until your chest hits even with or below the step
  • Rise back up for a count of one repetition
  • If this was easy, then move to the next lower step and repeat until they become more difficult.
  • Rise back up for a count of one repetition

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