150821 The upper back-barbell, dumbbell rows and tube rows

The upper back-barbell, dumbbell rows and tube rows


The barbell, dumbbell, and tube rows

  • Each of these rows start out by taking a weight with a closed pronated hand position wider than shoulder width.
  • Begin the movement by lifting the bar/dumbbell, elastic tubeing from the floor using good form and leg power. Use your legs and not your back. Use good lifting technique.
  • Start out in the standing upright position, with a shoulder width foot position, and your knees slightly bent. The bar will be just above your kneecaps.
  • Bend forward at the hips with a solid flat back upper torso.
  • Allow the weight to hang from your outstretched arms.
  • Look just a bit forward and ahead of your feet.
  • Pull the resistance up to your lower chest or upper stomach area.
  • The elbows are, or should be, pointed upward.
  • Be certain to keep your back rigid and in the flat back arched position.
  • Your knees should also be bent just a slight amount.
  • Do not jerk or heave the resistance to your upper body; make it a fluid motion.

The downward phase:

  • Slowly extend your elbows until they are once again straight.
  • Keep your upper body in the same position as when you began the exercise movement.
  • Once the necessary repetitions are completed, lower the resistance to the floor and stand back up.

Cheating observations:

As you become tired or less energetic you will have a tendency to start standing more upright as you do the row. Alternatively, you will begin to jerk the weight upwards to your chest or stomach area. More of your body will be assisting the motion than the muscles that are supposed to be working at the time.

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