221021 What every Car Owner Should Know 1 of 2 by Rachel Baker

Owning a car is a privilege and a large responsibility. To make sure your car is safe to operate and to avoid problems down the road, there are a few basic vehicle components and maintenance tips every car owner should know.

151021 An introduction to Tai Chi part 2 of 2

Beginning a new activity starts with learning how to do it correctly. In the case of Tai-Chi this will mean seeking out a competent instructor who will guide you in the technical aspects of posture and movement. Pay

081021 An introduction to Tai-Chi part 1 of 2

An introduction to Tai-Chi part 1 of 2 Some of you may remember a similar post on this topic a while back, however due to my busy schedule at that time the entire first part was not a part of that article. So I am giving it another go this time. Tai-Chi is an ancient … Continue reading 081021 An introduction to Tai-Chi part 1 of 2