Exercise, in your home, with elastic materials

Elastic material exercises cautionary notes

You can use barbells, dumbbells and elastic tubing or elastic bands for the resistance in each exercise. If you decide to use the elastic exercise material, be sure to secure the ends of the elastic material to prevent it from violently snapping back at you. Proper attachment is also necessary for the greatest productive use of these exercise tools.

An excellent book entitled “The Scientific and Clinical Application of Elastic Resistance” by Phillip Page and Todd S. Becker is devoted to the use of elastic resistance devices. This book is available through Human Kinetics at: http://www.humankinetics.com

If you do decide to use elastic resistance, then a few precautionary notes on the use of the rubber tubing or rubber bands are now in order.

  1. Avoid using the bands or tubing if you have long fingernails.
  2. Take off your jewelry, or other sharp things you may have on your body.
  3. Always check the condition of the tubing and bands before every use, Check for tears, abrasions, and wear. Replace if any of these conditions are noted. These implements can be very dangerous if left to decay. At the stretched out position, if they break, they can come flying back in a violent manner causing injury to you.
  4. Always check the connections at the points of attachment before using the tubing or bands
  5. Wear good eye protection while using the tubing or bands.
  6. Do not stretch the tubing or bands more than 300% longer than their normal resting length to help prevent them from breaking.
  7. If you have latex allergy do not use latex tubing or bands.

Check your tube/bands before each session to ensure their structural integrity. No cuts, nicks or abrasions should be visible, if any are noted, replace the tube immediately.

Now take a look at just a few of the many exercises that you can do in your home.

Be safe when you exercise.

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