210122 Home resistance strength training program

Home resistance strength training program

Sometimes you just can’t get to the gym to exercise. Here are a few ideas that you can use in these situations. And it doesn’t take a lot of cash to pull it off either. Plus it may be more convenient doing them at home anyway. At least you’ve got the option if need be.

Equipment needed: Several various sizes of surgical tube approximately 10-12 feet long. Some of these are latex so if you’re allergic to the material then search elsewhere for a substitute.

When using the elastic materials make certain the ends are securely wrapped around your hands so as to prevent it slipping off and snapping back at you. The same goes for attaching them to doors and door knobs.

Elastic material cautions

If you do decide to use elastic resistance, then a few precautionary notes on the use of the rubber tubing or rubber bands are now in order.

  1. Avoid using the bands or tubing if you have long fingernails.
  2. Take off your jewelry, or other sharp things you may have on your body.
  3. Always check the condition of the tubing and bands before every use, Check for tears, abrasions, and wear. Replace if any of these conditions are noted. These implements can be very dangerous if left to decay. At the stretched out position, if they break, they can come flying back in a violent manner causing injury to you.
  4. Always check the connections at the points of attachment before using the tubing or bands
  5. Wear good eye protection while using the tubing or bands.
  6. Do not stretch the tubing or bands more than 300% longer than their normal resting length to help prevent them from breaking.
  7. If you have latex allergy do not use latex tubing or bands.

Check your tube/bands before each session to ensure their structural integrity. No cuts, nicks or abrasions should be visible, if any are noted, replace the tube immediately.

Do each of the following for 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions in rapid fashion with little rest between each set.

  1. Body weight/surgical tubing squats
  • Stand on the tube and squat
  • Military press with surgical tubing
  • Stand on the tube and press upward
  • Pull downs
  • Securely attached overhead pull down (attach to one side of a doorknob and over the top to the other side. Be careful not to cut or nick the tube)
  • Bench press
  • Position the tube under the upper back and held in the hands pushing upward while face up on the floor or bench.
  • Barbell row.
  • Stand on the tube and hold the free ends in each hand, row normally.
  • Dead lift
  • Stand on the tube and dead lift normally
  • Barbell curl
  • Stand on the tube and curl upward
  • Triceps extension
  • Stand on the tube, run it behind your back and over your shoulders now extend your arms to the ceiling. Keep your elbows pointed up when you lower your arms back down behind your head.
  • Calf raises
  • Stand on the tube with your toes and then rise up on your toes.

10. Abdominal

  1. Crunches and leg raises

Do these exercises every other day or until you can get back into the gym again.

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