040221 Seniors can maintain good health with these fitness ideas. Part 2/2 By Harry Cline

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The SilverSneakers program is designed for people ages 65 and up. Membership is free via some Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans, giving you unlimited access to numerous fitness locations nationwide. SilverSneakers has something for everyone at all ability levels — from access to weights and machines to group classes taught by experts. To know whether membership is included in your coverage, check with your healthcare provider.


Including music into your daily schedule makes moving about less of a chore and more fun. If your budget doesn’t allow you to visit an entertainment source often, put on the radio or do a quick search on YouTube for your favorite type of music. Besides being fun, dance provides many positive health benefits and is a great way to lighten up a monotonous life. Emotional, mental, and physical health all genuinely benefit from it. So whether you dance by yourself or with your church friends, take the time to enjoy the benefits of rhythm.​


A good tip for maintaining mental, emotional, and physical health is staying connected with your peers. Get your groceries together, have them over for dinner or talk to them throughout the day — this social stimulation will do you all good, but do make sure to practice physical distancing and mask-wearing. Better yet, make sure to schedule phone and video calls to catch up with loved ones and send email letters and cards if you wish. These activities will keep your mind engaged, your heart filled with love, and your hands busy.


Walking is known to have fantastic benefits for people of all ages. It is incredible for memory and the prevention of dementia, mood, blood circulation, and more. If the church you visit is close enough, consider walking to it every time there’s a service. You can also plan a special walk — a nature walk where you can enjoy the plants and the birds along the way or even just a trip to the local park.

Why Physical Activity is Important

It is easy to forget about fitness and physical activity throughout the years when it’s not in your routine. Having a sedentary life and remaining inactive can invite numerous metabolic disorders and other diseases linked to human inertia — that’s why it is vital to move your body every day. It’s high time that you include physical activity in your daily routine.

Harry Cline is creator of NewCaregiver.org and author of the upcoming book, The A-Z Home Care Handbook: Health Management How-Tos for Senior Caregivers. As a retired nursing home administrator, father of three, and caregiver to his ninety-year-old uncle, Harry knows how challenging and rewarding caregiving can be. He also understands that caregiving is often overwhelming for those just starting out. He created his website and is writing his new book to offer new caregivers everywhere help and support.

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