280222 A few exercise options to do at home, or outside during your day

280222 A few exercise options to do at home, or outside during your day

Before doing any of these, check with your health care provider for guidance.

Do each of the following exercises 1-10 repetitions each time for 1-4 sets. throughout the day. Do one set at a time until you feel comfortable doing them all at once.

Inside lower body

Squat to a couch, stable chair, or to your fireplace hearth if you have one. 1 to 3 sets of 10 repetitions

Bucket sit

Stairs: take them 2 at a time if your balance and coordination allow:

Sitting and getting up from your bed. Rest on the bed before getting up. This helps keep your legs strong.

Calf raises practice standing up on the balls of your feet and holding the position for a few seconds. Hold onto a counter if your balance is poor.

Hamstring curls: hold onto a countertop and try to touch your buttocks with one leg then move to the other one

Outside: weather permitting

Picnic table bench

Picnic tabletop

Getting into and out of a lawn chair

Inside and outside

Skip rope, caution do not do these if you have artificial lower torso joints such as knees or hips. Also, be careful if your ankles are unstable,

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