Fire Prevention-How to prepare your home for wildfires

Preparing your home for Wildfire

Fire Prevention-How to prepare your home for wildfires

Topics in this easy to read and comprehend reminder/recommendation guide include:

Vegetation management

  1. Home ignition zones
  2. Landscaping and maintenance

Fire resistive construction

  1. Roofing and vents
  2. Decks and porches
  3. Siding and windows

Be prepared

Emergency responder access

  1. Home address legible and easy to see
  2. Wide driveways, at least 12 feet wide and at least 15 feet tall
  3. Develop, discuss emergency action plans
  4. Have two ways out of your home
  5. Evacuate if you feel it is unsafe to remain
  6. Conduct an annual insurance review
  7. Create or update your home inventory list

Talk to your local fire protection agencies such as the local fire department, State wildfire agency to learn about the specific wildfire risk where you live.

Here is the full page for this important topic:

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