080422 Start moving, lower body continues 2/4

080422 Getting back into shape, for the upcoming seasonal change, after a winter of being cooped up does not necessarily mean you have to bust a gut getting there. There is a wealth of information showing that small amounts of movements, over time, can get you started on your way to a healthier you. After all, who in their right mind does not want to be healthier.

Lower body continues

When standing doing anything, except standing on a ladder, bend the knee of one leg and raise the foot towards your butt. Do this multiple times. Then switch to the other leg and do the same on that one.

While standing on one leg move the other one straight out, do not swing it, just lift it, and if possible, make hold it parallel to the floor for a moment or so.

While standing, bend at the waist (unless you have a back issue in which case do not do it) until your upper body is parallel to the floor and then raise back to the standing position.

When you are sitting in your recliner use your legs to push the footrest back until it stays shut, flick the handle until the rest is straight out again, and repeat.

Stand up in front of the recliner and see if you can close it down again with your leg strength. Be careful that it does not snap back on you and cause you to lose your balance.

Again, while standing, lean to one side and then to the other side.

Breathe normally while doing this isometric exercise.

  1. While seated push both feet together as hard as possible and hold for 5-10 seconds then release and do over again.
  2. Put your hands on the outside of your knees now hold tight as you move your legs outwards. Do not let them move.

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