050822 The value of knowing your pulse rate 1 of 3

Much of the following information comes from this excellent website: https://www.topendsports.com/

Taking your pulse is not a difficult task. You need to have some device that has a second hand or indicator of some sort to count the beats of your heart. Then you place your index and middle finger on the inside of your other side’s wrist just above the wrist joint. Press firmly but not so hard as it gives you an improper reading. You should feel the pulse quite distinctly as a rising and falling sensation feeling on your fingers.

Look at your device so you can count the beats of your heart during the ten seconds, thirty seconds, or one minute if you want to go that long counting.

For finding your maximum heart rate (MHR) deduct your age from 220. Admittedly, this is just a quick and dirty way to find a reasonable MHR figure, but then most of us are not doctors so an exact figure may not be necessary in our case.

Once you have determined the MHR, figure out the various percentages of the training zone you want to be exercising in for your age.

There are accepted percent ranges for the following effort levels you might consider following for the safest conservative efforts.

Another way of determining your target training range is by using the self-monitored Perceived Exertion coming up next week.

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