160922 Are You WW2 Strong? By Conor Heffernan

Are You WW2 Strong?

Conor Heffernan, Conor is Assistant Professor of Physical Culture and Sport Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. When not in the library or the gym, he likes to try his hand at writing, often with mixed results.



The Second World War re-introduced the Western world back to the importance of health and fitness. The inter-war years were characterized by concerns that Europeans and Americans were no longer as strong as they once were. In the midst of war, Leaders became concerned. Victory in the battlefield could only be achieved through victory in the gymnasium. In 1942, the US Army introduced a formal fitness test to the incoming troops, with this in mind.

For the first time in American history, troops would be put through their places in several exercises to determine their value to Uncle Sam.

The men of 1942 had to do it. How would you have fared?

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 17.25.14


An excellent score included 20 Pullups, 75 Squat Jumps and 54 Push Ups.

Uncle Sam had high standards.

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