231122 Exercise ideas to do in your home during the upcoming colder weather

231122 Exercise ideas to do in your home during the upcoming colder weather


Stairsteps, if you have access to them

Go up and down them several times during the day, not just when you have to, but make a special effort to go up and down on them to get in a bit of cardio and strength for your legs. After all, they are what propel you around.

If you are able to take two at a time, then do so but use the handrail for a safety net should you begin to fall.


When you wipe your shower down after using it squat down each time you dry from top to bottom. Don’t just bend over but actually squat down and back up each time as you wipe the walls from top to bottom.

Hamstrings-the upper part at the back of your legs

Standing up on one foot next to a supportive object in case you lose your balance (I suggest you stand next to a countertop). Bend one of the legs at the knee and bring your foot up to your buttocks and back down again. Do an equal amount on each side.

Start by sitting down and pushing your feet or foot outward away from your body. Now push down on the floor as you drag it/them back to the starting position.

To make it more difficult put your foot on a towel add some weight and drag it back.

Heel raises-do high repetitions on these

Stand up on the balls of your feet, hold for a moment or so and then go back down until your feet are once again flat on the floor. Repeat for at least ten reps. Do these while washing dishes, washing your hands, and face, or brushing your teeth.

Do heel raises AKA calf raises on the edge of the steps—only if you do not have balance issues or the stairs are carpeted (Be careful using these since some of them are too slippery to safely use them in this manner)

While seated, raise your heels up off the floor and then lower them back down again. If you have a heavy book or some other item that will add a bit of weight, put it on the top of your thighs and do the heel raises with it for an extra added challenge.

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