050523 Five hints for effectively brushing your teeth. Part 1 of 2

050523 Five hints to effectively brushing your teeth. Part 1 of 2

You would think that being a senior citizen we would all know how to brush our teeth correctly. However, a recent visit to my dentist and with the expert help of my dental hygienist, Karren, proved me wrong.

She explained, in detail, everything that she was doing, and she also showed me several techniques that would help me keep my teeth and gums in good condition. All of my life I’ve been consistent in taking care of my teeth the best way that I knew how.

However, after seeing Karen, I learned that I could be more effective when brushing my teeth by following these five guidelines that she not only discussed with me but showed me how to brush them correctly.

Step number one

The first and most basic part of brushing your teeth is also the most logical is to brush both the front and backsides of your teeth. Not only should you be brushing each side of your teeth but also the tops of each one. After all, this is what initially starts a chewing process. So, it only stands to reason this part of the tooth must be brushed.

Step number two

This is a step that I have been violating almost my entire life, which at this point, has been a damn long time of doing it wrong. Instead of holding onto the toothbrush like it was a baseball bat, she wanted me to use gentle pressure. She demonstrated this by holding onto it with her thumb, forefinger, and her middle finger. In many ways similar to holding onto a pencil while you write. She said you don’t have to bear down on it so hard because it can damage the gum line.  Which in turn, can lead to sensitivity when brushing

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