120523 Five hints for effectively brushing your teeth. Part 2 of 2

120523 Five hints for effectively brushing your teeth. Part 2 of 2

She explained, in detail, everything that she was doing, and she also showed me several techniques that would help me keep my teeth and gums in good condition. All of my life I’ve been consistent in taking care of my teeth the best way that I knew how.

However, after seeing Karen, I learned that I could be more effective when brushing my teeth by following these five guidelines that she not only discussed with me but showed me how to brush them correctly.

Step number three

I was never taking this step at all.  She advised me to turn the brush at approximately a 45° angle and gently brush the bottom portion of the teeth where it goes into the gum. This helps remove some plaque that inevitably gets stuck in some of the hard-to-reach areas. You can do this with an electric brush or a manual brush, just be gentle while doing so.

Since I have three brushes that I use consistently, I asked her which one she thought might be the best overall one to use. She told me one of the electric brushes similar to the Sonicare that I have, is probably the most efficient type to use.

She also recommended that I use not only the floss but the intrederal brushes. I like these from G.U.M. I do not receive any compensation from any of these companies, I just like their products.

These brushes go in one of the brush handles shown at the top and bottom of the picture.

The two containers to each side of the floss are the desposable picks.

The floss is Listerine

And she emphasized the fact that this did not need to be a vigorous brushing like a manual brush. She said simply let the brush do its job by holding it in one spot for a second or two and moving on to the next tooth.

Step number four

Take a moment on each tooth and brush it gently in circles. Recall back in step number two to use gentle pressure. This is especially true if you’re using an electric vibrating toothbrush. You don’t want to use these types of toothbrushes in one spot for a long time. Just move it from tooth to tooth all around your mouth.

Step number five

We have all heard this many times, but how many of us consistently brush our teeth for a full two minutes each time? I’m here to tell you that since I started seeing this hygienist, I brush my teeth a minimum of two times a day and sometimes multiple times a day for two minutes each time. If your brush has an adjustable timer, brush each quadrant of your mouth for thirty seconds.

And there you have your roadmap for healthier teeth and gums.

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