200621 Stair step pushups 1 of 4

The farther up the stairs you are, the easier the pushups will be for you to do. These are similar to doing countertop pushups or wall pushups because not so much of your upper torso is parallel to the floor and therefore you are not moving the extra amount of weight.

300421 Plank progressions

Quite frequently the plank appears in the media as the go-to exercise for firming up your stomach and improving your core, the latter a much-overused term since nearly every exercise strengthens the core. In any case, let’s take a look at the advantages of doing the plank in your exercise sessions.

160421 The inner workings of the body’s core by Rachel Baker

When somebody has a strong core, they have much more than just a six-pack. The body’s core refers to the entire midsection of the body, the front, back and sides included. It is made up of complex muscles which stabilize us and allow us to transfer force between extremities to perform functional movement. This is why a healthy core is much more than just well-developed abdominals and deserves to be appreciated and cared for as a crucial component of overall physical health.

080121 Concepts of strength training theory

Strength training is a part of the larger field of training knowledge, i.e. the science of training. This broader view encompasses not only the strength aspects, but also includes other major principle components of athleticism such as agility, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility, speed, sport technique, and periodization. In the following paragraphs will be brief explanations of the terms that are usually associated with training in general and strength training.

181220 Tips for making your training safe

When first beginning your strength training program, be on the conservative side with the weights you use and temper your aggressiveness in your approach the first few sessions. At least do so until you are somewhat accustomed to exercising on a regular basis. The penalty for not heeding this advice is extreme soreness known as delayed on set muscle soreness (DOMS). For now, here are a few caveats before you begin your training.

111220 Starting out with a sensible training program

A sensible training program not only includes resistance exercise but also aerobic endurance, balance, fall prevention, and flexibility components as well. However, sometimes these programs must be modified to meet the physical needs of the person. Each of us is unique with the physical limitations we are dealing with as we age.

130920 Standing dumbbell hammer curl

130920 Standing dumbbell hammer curl Standing dumbbell hammer curls Begin by holding a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing each other and arms straight. Curl the weight up to your shoulder while keeping your elbow held securely by your side without movement forward, backward or outward. Lower back down under control for one repetition.