310620 2019 Novel Coronavirus

There is currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19 infection. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to this virus. However, here are a few other ways you can keep your family healthy and help prevent the spread of viruses, including:Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Stay away from others who are sick or keep them home if they are ill. Cough and sneeze into your arm or elbow or tissue, not your hands. Clean and disinfect household objects and surfaces in your home.

210720 Please Wear a Face Mask So I Can Shut Up About Wearing Face Masks

Let’s do this. Let’s wear the mask. Me in the mask. You in the mask. Everybody in the mask! Yes, it sounds like the lyrics to a bad summer anthem, the kind of song I turn up a little too loudly in the family car. But let’s get it done. Mask up. I can’t believe it’s the third week of July and we’re still arguing about masks in this country. The rest of the planet must look at us like we’re a bunch of lunatics.

170720 Coronavirus Precautions for Older Adults

Among adults, the risk for severe illness from COVID-19 increases with age, with older adults at highest risk. Severe illness means that the person with COVID-19 may require hospitalization, intensive care, or a ventilator to help them breathe, or they may even die.

070720 Enough with the Happy Talk, OK? Beyond the Curve: Dr. Peter Lurie’s COVID-19 Blog

To hear the administration’s recent pronouncements, you’d think it was all going swimmingly. Vice President Mike Pence took to the always welcoming opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal last week to declare that “we are winning the fight against the invisible enemy.” On Friday, he maintained that states are reopening “safely and responsibly,” though at an event in Dallas on Sunday even he had to retreat from the he-man posture by donning a mask. Not to be outdone, the President proclaimed in an interview last Wednesday that the virus is “dying out.”

260620 How to Protect Yourself and Others from COVID-19

How to Protect Yourself & Others Older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing serious complications from COVID-19 illness. More information on Are you at higher risk for serious illness. head side cough light icon Know how it spreads There … Continue reading 260620 How to Protect Yourself and Others from COVID-19