091120 Tips For Coping with Breaks in Your Exercise Routine

It is normal to have life events and changes get in the way of staying active. However, there are ways to get yourself back on track. Remember, to get the most out of exercise and physical activity, they need to be a regular part of your life.

071020 Controlled environment by Daniel Pare

071020 Controlled environment by Daniel Pare, N.C.C.P., C.S.O.St. Thomas Ontario Canada519-633-0771 Hi everyone and welcome back. This time I have decided to make it about what the environment in a gym should be. I know for a fact that a lot of people do not go to gyms or simply will not go, and this … Continue reading 071020 Controlled environment by Daniel Pare


What’s free, low effort and works instantly to help relieve stress? Your breath. It’s one of your body’s the best built-in tools, controllable at almost any time and effectively used to help calm your parasympathetic nervous system. Learning to control your breath, in other words using breathing techniques, is much more practical and less weird than you might think it is.

080720 New phone

Just to begin with, I am not bragging about the fact that I now have a new phone. But I do want to say that if I had held off for five more minutes and done just three more minutes of research I would still be using my old phone, which I got pretty comfortable with.

010620 Water, the essence of life

010620 Water, the essence of life Keeping your body well hydrated throughout the day is the key to staying healthy. Water predominates and regulates basic cellular functions in all of our organs. Some scientists estimate that it makes up 70% of the body. Are you getting enough water to keep yourself strong and healthy? This … Continue reading 010620 Water, the essence of life

281219 Cleaning the vent in your hearing aids

281219 Cleaning the vent in your hearing aids If you are wearing hearing aids and start sounding, to yourself, as though you are talking in a tin can or your voice sounds to you like you are covering your ears, it is time to clean the vents out. This easy process, accomplished quickly with a … Continue reading 281219 Cleaning the vent in your hearing aids