251220 Starting out the right way with your physical conditioning program

How an individual gets started in making improvements in their cardiovascular and strength development is perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of training. It is not about sitting on a machine doing endless slow repetitions using a low weight or standing on a balance board while swinging a versa ball around in the air.

271019 Goal setting

271019 Goal setting If you are going to get into better physical condition, then you need a plan and setting up your plan requires having a goal, or goals to reach. Goals are objectives that are just out of reach now, but with proper attention can be achieved with effort on your part. Don’t set … Continue reading 271019 Goal setting


110919 Combining strength training with endurance training

Never forget the cowardly attack on our nation on this date! 110919 Combining strength training with endurance training It has been well documented that exercising in moderate to intense spurts of as little as ten minutes at a time during the day will increase your physical fitness. Each of the following exercise series are approximately … Continue reading 110919 Combining strength training with endurance training


040919 Osteoporosis: The risk factors

040919 Osteoporosis: The risk factors Some risk factors are under your control whereas others are not. Here is a brief list for your consideration. 1. Gender-of the ten million people with osteoporosis in the United States 80% of these are women. Particularly affected, and at increased risk for the disease, are Caucasian and Asian women.  … Continue reading 040919 Osteoporosis: The risk factors