170620 Normal knee range of motion or the lack thereof and the link with osteoarthritis 2/4

In July 2011, a poster presentation presented at the annual meeting of the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine by doctors from the Shelburne Knee Center in Indianapolis, Indiana clearly showed that a lack of ROM was a predictor of future osteoarthritis. The authors found that patients who were able to obtain and then maintain normal knee motion had a lower incidence of osteoarthritis than patients who were unable to obtain normal range of motion or lost knee motion after the rehab was finished.”

100620 Normal knee range of motion or the lack thereof and the link with osteoarthritis 1/4

A number of sources state the typical knee flexes anywhere from 130° up to, in rare cases, 160° and extends from 0° to 120°. It is my personal opinion that if your knee only extends 120° then you are going to have a noticeable limp.


021019 Getting flexible and staying there

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140819 Maintaining range of motion

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020819 Introduction to fitness

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