080221 Hearing aids can help keep the brain healthy as you age

The first is a large-scale study from the U.K.’s University of Exeter and King’s College London building on previous research from the Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention, Intervention and Care. The study followed 25,000 people ages 50 and older for several years. All had hearing difficulty and could use hearing amplification. One group got hearing aids, the other did not. All were given a battery of memory and cognitive, or thinking, tests.

140121 Tips for wearing a face mask and glasses with hearing aids

If you wear glasses, use hearing aids, and during this COVID-19 pandemic, also wear a mask, this piece is for you! This is longer than the normal one from me, but it is highly informative and I urge you to read it through to make the day easier when combining all three of the aforementioned articles.


Deafness and hearing loss

Deafness and hearing loss https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/deafness-and-hearing-loss Here is a fact sheet, from the World Health Organization, for all of us with a hearing loss of some sort. I started wearing hearing aids (intermittently, because of the difficulty in putting them in right) about a year ago and they do make a difference. A BIG difference! However, … Continue reading Deafness and hearing loss